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Foxy's Bar & Restaurant - Great Harbour

JVD_Foxy_Smiling Foxy's Bar & Restaurant - Great Harbour Foxy Callwood
The British Virgin Islands and Jost Van Dyke in particular, would just never be the same without Foxy Callwood. This affable man with a major aversion to footwear, delights in strumming his guitar and entertaining restaurant guests.

Foxy's mini empire sprang from humble beginnings, just down the beach from its current location, beside the quaint little Methodist Church in Great Harbour.

In anticipation of the BVI harvest festivities, Foxy saw a need for libations to be served for those giving thanks for another successful harvest. He built a cement slab and erected what has since become a typical beach bar seen almost everywhere on Jost Van Dyke.

The temporary bar remained in place for two years. In January of 1968, after he'd already made a positive impression, he moved to their present location, expanding a little at a time as finances permitted .... and the rest is history. He now has 2 restaurants. The second one (Foxy's Taboo) is located beside Diamond Cay in East end.

Foxy's wife Tessa, runs the charming Foxhole Boutique which is very well stocked with nice clothing and beachwear at surprisingly reasonable prices. Its definitely worth a look see if shopping for some new summer clothes or looking for a few nice "island type" gifts for friends and family back home.

JVD_Foxys_Bar_and_Restaurant Foxy's Bar and Restaurant
JVD_Foxys_Bar_Jost_Van_Dyke Foxy's Bar

For those of you who are rum drinkers, you'll want to be sure to pick up a bottle of Foxy's Firewater rum that Kenny Chesney sang about in his song, "Somewhere in the Sun". Just ask your friendly barman, Sexy T (below) and he'll get it for you.

JVD_Fox_Hole_Boutique The Fox Hole Boutique
JVD_Foxys_barman Sexy T, Barman at Foxy's

Foxy's Halloween Party - has become a staple for those of us living in or visiting the British Virgin Islands, and who miss the Halloween fun. This holiday is not celebrated in the BVI, so this is Foxy and Tessa's way of making us feel right at home and people go all out with their costumes!

JVD_Foxys_Halloween_Party Foxy's Haloween Party and Masquerade Ball
JVD_Great_Harbour_New_Years_Eve Great Harbour on New Years Eve

The party is the crowning glory to Foxy's annual Catfight Regatta. The catfight is a wonderfully laid back sailing race. Any and all bareboat catamarans that happen to be out on the water are welcome to join the races. The race is run by the Loyal West End Yacht Club. Contact Foxy's for more info.

Foxy's New Year's Eve Party - is well known the world over for throwing one of the biggest and best New Year's Eve (or "Old Years' Eve") parties anywhere! Hundreds of bareboat yachts descend on Great Harbour a day or two before the main event ... just to get a spot to anchor.As you can see in the photo above, it get's pretty busy!

JVD_Foxys_Dock_Great_Harbour View of Foxy's Dinghy Dock - Looking Out into Great Harbour
The biggest challenge you will encounter while sailing the British Virgin Islands over New Years ... is finding "your yacht" once the celebrations are over. The harbour is usually chock-a-block with boats! From time to time, unsuspecting sailors have wakened on New Year's Day to find a lost soul or two sleeping on their deck because they were unable to find their boat!

If attending the Old Year's Eve celebrations on Jost Van Dyke, I highly recommend you take a lock and chain for your dinghy. Almost all dinghies look alike and there are often hundreds of them in Great Harbour on New Year's Eve.

The scramble the next morning for sailors to locate "their" dinghy is always an amusing event to behold! Keep your key in a safe place and try to remember where it is ... lest you suffer a temporary memory loss! In the morning put a pot of coffee on, hit the cockpit, sit back and take in the chaos. Its really a lot of fun to watch!

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