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The Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI

On the east side of Jost Van Dyke, a short distance from Foxy's Taboo restaurant located in Long Bay and directly beside Diamond Cay, you'll find a geological delight known as the "Bubbly Pool". See map for reference.

To get here, you'll cross a short peninsula separating Long Bay and the Cape Wright salt pond, shown in the picture below. Follow this easily navigated foot path around the salt pond and through the waste high, wild sage bushes. You won't get lost as long as you stay on the path ... and even if you should go astray, there really isn't very far to go!

JVD_Bubbly_Pool_Path Bubbly Pool Path
JVD_Salt_Pond Cape Wright Salt Pond

The bubbly pool is akin to a natural Jacuzzi and if you visit at the right time , it can be quite invigorating and a lot of fun!

If you go during periods when the north side is calm and there's no wave action, you may be disappointed to discover there are no bubbles in the pool. Even so, it's still a great place to visit and have a picnic ... but it won't provide the excitement you may have hoped for.

Check the wave conditions on the north shore before you go as it can be hit and miss. There could be no waves or the surge and resulting rip current may be too strong. But even if it's calm, you can still enjoy a dip. Wade in and check out the little Sergeant Majors and other little reef fish that get stranded here. Walk around and check out the area.

JVD_Bubbly_Pool_Calm_Day Calm Day - No wave action and no bubbles - sorry!
JVD_Bubbly_Pool_Fish Sergeant Major Fish at Bubbly Pool

On anything other than a calm day, and before wading in, assess the conditions to be sure all in your party will be safe. Please refer to when not to go in the bubbly pool if you have any questions regarding when it is or is not safe and why.

Check it out on YouTube. There are a few good videos there and a few that just make me cringe. Some people really like to play fast and lose with their own well being!

On a great day, one moment, the pool is completely calm and crystal clear, but then ...

JVD_Bubbly_Pool_2 Wait For IT ...
JVD_Bubbly_Pool_3 Nature's Jacuzzi Starts Bubbling!

This can be a marvelous adventure, under the right conditions. Many folks bring a towel, a picnic lunch, drinks and a garbage bag and they'll spend several hours soaking up the sun.

This is one of the many delightful spots you'll find that the BVI government refers to as "nature's little secrets" and is great fun for the whole family! I think the deepest area within the pool is about 4 feet, though it could be deeper or shallower at times, depending upon the volume of water coming through the channel.

JVD_Bubbly_Pool_4 Some people can't get enough of a good thing!
JVD_Bubbly_Pool_Aerial_2 Aerial Photo of the little Channel from the North Side

Mother nature is stronger than you. I once again urge you to know when not to go in the bubbly pool.

Please take your garbage with you when you leave.
The garbage truck doesn't stop here! :)

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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