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Yacht Charter Frequently Asked Questions

If you've never chartered before, you are bound to have a thousand questions. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked ... for which we have quick answers.

For more in depth info on just about everything you could possibly want to know, see BVI yacht charter information.

Quick Yacht Charter Questions Quick Answers
Where are the boats located? Tortola. See map of charter bases.
Can we book a weekend or day charter? Sorry, no. 5 nights aboard is the minimum.
What time does our charter start & end? All charters begin and end at 12:00 noon.
Can I make a small change to our contract? Sorry, no contract changes are permitted.
What do mooring fees cost in the BVI? Anywhere from $25.00 to $65.00 per night.
Can I anchor rather than use a mooring? Yes. Be sure not to anchor in coral please.
Will a hair dryer work on our yacht? Yacht with generator - yes, without - no.
Where can we buy groceries? See yacht provisioning information.
How much does it cost to hire a captain? See captain's fees.
Can we fish off the boat? Yes, but you'll need a fishing license.
Where can we rent water toys? See these water sports outlets.
Does the BVI offer good SCUBA diving? You bet! See SCUBA companies.
Is there a hyperbaric chamber in the BVI? No. The closest is on St. Thomas, USVI.
What are the tides & swells like? See BVI weather.
Is a converter needed for small appliances? Most yachts have 110/120V - 2 pin plugs.
What if our boat breaks down? The company provides chase boat service.
Can you pick us up in St. Thomas? Not since 9/11, sorry.
Can we bring our dog/cat along with us? Sorry, pets are not permitted aboard.
Can we get married aboard our yacht? Sure! There are several wedding planners who will be happy to assist.

Quick Questions About the BVI Quick Answers
What Currency is used in the BVI? U.S. Dollar
What do people call themselves there? British Virgin Islanders or B.V. Islanders.
Are credit cards accepted in most places? Yes - about 80% take Visa & MasterCard.
What about Amex? Some places accept Amex. Most don't.
Are passports required to visit? Yes.
What is the main airport for the BVI? Terrance B. Lettsome International. "EIS"
Do you have duty free shops? Alas, no. Try St. Thomas, USVI.
Will we need any special vaccinations? No. But you may need bug spray. :)
What is the legal drinking age? 18 and over.
Where is the main hospital? Peebles Hospital is in Road Town, Tortola.
Will my cell phone work there? Sometimes. See cell phone service.
Are there any nude beaches? Sorry, no. Public nudity is illegal here.
In what time zone is the BVI? G.M.T. - 4 hrs. See Time & Date
Can I drive when I am in the BVI? If you have a valid driver's license, yes!
What language is spoken there? English. Many folks speak a local dialect.
How much is your departure tax? $20.00 per person by air & $15.00 by sea.
How much is your sales tax? There is no sales tax in the BVI. :)

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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