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What's Included in Your BVI Yacht Charter

Depending upon the sailboat or motor yacht you've selected, all charter holidays will begin at one of three locations on Tortola. There are dozens of yachts from which to choose. To select a yacht, visit the catamaran, monohull or motor yacht charter pages in the navigation links above. For charter base locations see map link at the bottom of this page.

We represent three of the most reputable bareboat companies based here on Tortola. They are: BVI Yacht Charters, TMM - Tortola Marine Management and Horizon Yacht Charters.

General Info

All Charters Include:

TMM Starter Kit Includes: Horizon Yacht Charters Starter Kit Includes:

Which Company Includes What in their Rates?

BVIYC = BVI Yacht Charters
TMM = Tortola Marine Management
HYC = Horizon Yacht Charters

Free Stuff & General Info HYC TMM BVIYC
Free Taxi Transfers from Ferry or Airport No No No
Distance (minutes) from Airport 40 to 45 30 to 35 20 to 25
Distance (minutes) from West End Ferry 12 to 15 20 to 25 30 to 35
Distance (minutes) from Road Town Ferry 12 to 15 3 to 5 10 to 12
Complimentary Starter Package Yes Yes No
Free Shower at Charter Base Yes Yes Yes
Free WIFI at Charter Base Yes Yes Yes
Free WIFI Aboard Yachts No Yes No
Water Price/Gal. at base. (October/14) .15 Free Free
Free Snorkel Gear No Yes Yes
Free Ice 1 Bag 4 Bags No
Sleep Aboard Fee (Available Pre-charter only) $75.00 per person Min. $200.00 50% of daily charter fee $75.00 per person Min. $150.00
Daily Captain's Fee + meals $185.00 $175.00 $175.00
Daily ASA Instructor's Fee + meals $210.00 $200.00 $200.00
Insurance & Security Deposit HYC TMM BVIYC
Daily Insurance Rates $50.00 - $500 max $50.00 - $500 max $40.00 - $400 max
Refundable Security Deposit (with insurance) $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,500.00

Additional Fees

In addition to the basic bareboat fees and those included in the table above, the following charges are applicable for all yacht charters:

BVI Cruising Tax

$6.00 /person/day - year ‘round for all BVI based yachts.
$16.00 /person/day – year ‘round for all foreign based yachts.

National Parks Trust Mooring Fees - HYC & TMM

$25.00 per week minimum for up to 4 guests
$35.00 per week for 5 to 6 guests
$45.00 per week for 7 to 8 guests
$55.00 per week for 9 to 10 guests

Add $5.00 per person per week if you will have more than 10 people aboard. Weekly rates double if chartering 8 to 14 nights and triple if chartering 15 to 21 nights, etc

National Parks Trust Mooring Fees - BVIYC

Up to 4 people = $25.00 per week or $3.00 per person - whichever is less
5 or 6 persons = $35.00 per week or $3.00 per person - whichever is less
7 or 8 persons = $45.00 per week or $3.00 per person - whichever is less
9 or 10 persons = $55.00 per week or $3.00 per person - whichever is less

Add $5.00 per person per week if you will have 11 or 12 guests aboard. All rates are calculated daily for those chartering more than 7 nights.


Virgin Islands Search and Rescue is a volunteer Organization which operates on donations from the sailing community. TMM and Horizon Yacht Charters each collect $2.00 per person per charter and BVI Yacht Charters collects $10.00 per boat towards the continuing efforts of this very worthwhile and all too frequently needed service. These are voluntary donations and although included on your invoice, may be deducted if you so choose.

About Your Refundable Security Deposit

A security deposit is required at time of arrival and may be paid in cash, traveler's checks or by credit card. No charge is actually applied if you use your credit card. You simply sign a pre-authorization form. Your pre-authorized form will be destroyed upon the safe and undamaged return of the yacht and its equipment, provided you have settled all outstanding charges. See security deposit requirements for the individual companies in the table above.

Additional Costs You Can Expect Along The Way

Early Arrival

If you plan to arrive in Tortola a day prior to your BVI sailing adventure, we will be happy to make arrangements for you to sleep aboard your boat or at a nearby hotel. Sleep aboard rates are listed in the table above. Hotel rates vary, but are usually between $125.00 to $250.00 per night and up.

Airport & Ferry Transfers

Once you've made your reservations, you will be asked to complete a taxi order form which includes your flight number and time of arrival in Tortola. Your charter company will make arrangements to have you picked up by taxi at the port of entry. If your flight lands in St. Thomas, USVI, you will need to take the ferry to Tortola. Please see Ferry Schedule to Tortola.

Provisioning & Groceries in Tortola

There are three main provisioning companies on Tortola RiteWay, One Mart and Bobby's Supermarket. Each is located in and around the Road Town area. They all offer a good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats, wine, liquor, beer, soda and a wide variety of canned goods, fresh bread, cheese, frozen foods, snacks and typical supermarket items. For more information see our yacht provisioning page.

Water Toy & Scuba Diving Rentals

Water toys may be rented through either Island Surf & Sail or Last Stop Sports. Both companies will deliver to your boat. See water sports and SCUBA for additional information.

Chase Boat Service

All the bareboat companies we represent provide chase boat service.

BVI Mooring Fees

Depending upon the anchorage, overnight mooring fees vary from $25.00 or $30.00 to $60.00 per night. Mooring fees are usually collected late afternoon or early evening. There are no fees for anchoring.

click here for a map of the charter bases.