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Returning Your Yacht

Post Charter Check In Procedures
After enjoying your BVI sailing vacation, it is time to return the yacht and return to your "other" life. The staff at the base will provide you with a post charter questionnaire. As a courtesy to the next set of charter guests and so that the base can ensure service standards are maintained, you are asked to detail any deficiencies you may have found aboard. You should also note any breakdowns you may have experienced as well as any lost or missing items.

Please remember that your yacht charter ends at 12:00 noon. That means all your crew and personal belongings should be cleared off the yacht by noon, at the latest. The mechanical, rigging and cleaning crews require a full 24 hours to turn the yacht around for the next set of charter guests. Late returns may be subject to a late charge as crews may be required to work overtime to prep the yacht for the next set of guests, so that they may be assured an on-time start.

At the beginning of your charter, your briefer will tell you the time the your boat has to be back at the dock in order to do your debriefing. Please do not leave alcoholic beverages aboard the yacht. If you have unfinished alcohol you do not wish to take home and would like to donate to a worthy cause, please take it to the office. We do not want to attract unwanted guests aboard the boats who may believe they will find free alcohol.

The cleaning crew will be happy to accept any unopened left over food items you do not wish to keep. Please discard any open items and dispose of all refrigerated leftovers as the company does not have refrigeration facilities. All food must be removed prior to leaving the yacht please.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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