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BVI Customs - Importation of food products

Yes, charter guests may bring food into the British Virgin Islands. For the time being and due to the resurgence of Hoof and Mouth and Mad Cow Disease in the not so distant past, a law is still in effect that bans the importation of any meat products unless an application is submitted to the Department of Agriculture for approval.

Permits cost $25.00. For more information, please call the Department of Agriculture at (284) 495-2532.

Good quality, fresh foods are available in the BVI from several grocery stores and provisioners on a year-round basis. All carry USDA grade meats as well. BVI import duties charged on food products range between 5% and 15% of the invoice value. Please be sure to have your invoices with you.

BVI Customs Department
Phone: (284) 494-3475
Open from 8:30am to 6:30pm

We are aware that people bring in USDA approved meats and packaged meats from the U.S. every day of the week (without any documentation other than receipts) and the folks at Customs don't say anything and they don't confiscate these products. I'm just saying ... this is the law and on any given day, Customs officers may choose to enforce it. Then again, they may not. The point is they "can", so import (without the proper documents) at your own risk.

If you are going to bring meat products that need to be kept cold or frozen while in transit, this is the best cooler for travelling I have ever found. I've had one like this for a few years now. It takes a beating very well and they are ideal out on the boat!

Please note: Ice, dry ice and most cold packs are not permitted according to TSA regulations and will likely be confiscated.

A good cooler will keep things frozen for quite a long time, provide everything is packed tightly. If you individually wrap frozen foods in newspaper, this will assist even more. I usually also line the bottom and sides of the cooler with bubble wrap and lay newspaper (about the thickness of the Saturday sports section) on top.

Both newspaper and bubble wrap make great insulators.

Last updated: Jun 23rd 2016
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