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Charter References

This is an odd topic for me. At one time, when asked for references, I would go down the list of recent charter guests and select three or four people at random, without warning the client. I'd send their contact info to whomever requested it. I soon discovered that some people really take exception to having their email addresses and or phone numbers given out to complete strangers. Duh.

I refuse to send references from those that have offered ... because they will obviously give us a glowing report. That seems rather self serving if not dishonest! I mean really, who in their right mind is going to supply you with a bad reference? The upshot is, I just don't do it anymore.

We have been in business since 1998. Over the past 20 years or so, I have observed that a dissatisfied customer will take the time to write something derogatory on the internet. Sadly, satisfied customers rarely bother to say anything. Almost any company that has been around a while will have managed to tick off a client or two. Nobody is perfect.

I suggest you search on the internet for us or any other broker or charter company. If you find a plethora of complaints about one particular company or broker, it is generally a good idea to look elsewhere. I am confident that Bareboats BVI will pass the test and at least you will know the truth about us, rather than receive a glowing report from a customer we know will sing our praises.

About Me

I have lived and worked in the British Virgin Islands since 1993 after emigrating from Toronto, Canada in search of a warmer climate, offering year 'round boating. For three and a half years, I worked as office/ sales manager for a small charter company based here in Tortola. I left to start Bareboats BVI in September, 1998.

We specialize in British Virgin Islands based charters only and don't venture out of the area we know best and the boats we know intimately. I believe brokers need to have regular access to the yachts in order to determine their condition. You can't do that if you are sitting in an office in the U.S., Canada, England or wherever!

I write all the yacht reviews, take all the photographs, draw the yacht layouts, maps and have built this website. I have an intimate knowledge of all the yachts we represent and make a point of keeping up-to-date with the ins and outs of the BVI yacht charter industry.

I like to think we offer one of the best, most knowledgeable and most professional yacht charter brokerage services available ... but then again, I am somewhat biased! :)

In addition, if you run into any difficulties while you are in the BVI, we are right here on Tortola ... just a phone call away.

I hope this helps!

Liane Le Tendre
Bareboats BVI

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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