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BVI Sailing Itinerary Introduction

Our 7 day sailing itinerary will lead you to such well known landmarks as The Caves on Norman Island, Foxy's world famous beach bar, and The Baths on Virgin Gorda. You'll explore the anchorages that notorious pirates Blackbeard and Black Sam Bellamy called home ... but most importantly, you'll have fun!

Here we have highlighted all the most notable places in the British Virgin Islands. If you will be sailing for up to 10 nights, then you may want to add a trip to Anegada into the mix. Please note that if planning to sail to Anegada, some but not all charter companies require a written request be submitted together with your sailing resume in order to be exempt from contractual restrictions. Others only require that you check with them regarding weather before proceeding on your journey to Anegada.

All bareboat companies provide a sailing guide aboard each yacht. However, if you'd like to plan your itinerary prior to arriving in Tortola, you may want to buy a copy online. Just click on the links below.

Cruising Guide To The Virgin Islands 2015 - 2016
Price: $33.95

Virgin Anchorages - 2012 Edition
Price: $29.95

If this is your first BVI sailing vacation, you'll want to visit the most popular places. The map below outlines our suggested 7 day route.

Map: BVI Sailing Itinerary

BVI National Parks Trust Mooring Buoy System:

Included in your yacht charter fees is the charge for the National Parks Trust Mooring Permit. The buoys provided at all marine National Parks are for daytime use only and you are limited to a 90 minute maximum stay. The buoys are colour coded for different uses. Please note that it is illegal to use any of these moorings overnight. Park rangers may be around from time to time and may ask to see your permit, so keep it handy.

White Buoys: Non-commercial vessels, for daytime dive use only.

Orange Buoys: Non-diving, day use only

13" Yellow Buoys: Commercial dive vessels only

18" Yellow Buoys: Commercial vessels or vessels over 55 ft.

Blue Buoys: For dinghy use only

BVI Garbage Disposal:

Please do not throw refuse overboard when sailing the BVI. Garbage bins are provided on each of the major islands which sailors are encouraged to use.

Anchorages such as The Bight, at Norman island do not offer waste disposal. If visiting Norman, Peter or Cooper Island, call "Deliverance" on VHF channel 16. They will pick up garbage from the yacht for $2.50 per bag. They also sell ice, fabulous fresh baked goodies and even ice cream!

If at locations without garbage bins or service provided by "Deliverance", please hang onto your trash until you reach one of these destinations. Please also remember to purchase garbage bags when provisioning your yacht. Turtles often mistake small plastic bags (particularly clear ice or vegetable bags) as jelly fish.

Jellies are a turtle's favourite meal. When eaten, a clear or white plastic bag will sit in the turtle's stomach without digesting. The turtle feels full, stops eating and will eventually starve itself to death.

Please be certain to take the proper measures to protect the BVI sailing environment and its creatures. It you accidentally drop a clear plastic bag in the water, please take the time to go back for it.

Marine Heads:

Unfortunately, the BVI is not yet equipped to offer pump out services in most places. Marine heads pump directly overboard. In order to preserve the beauty of these islands, you are asked to please not flush marine heads while in the various bays and anchorages. The use of on shore facilities is encouraged. Flush only when well off shore please.

Next, let's start planning your BVI sailing itinerary!

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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