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Boating safety and knot tying

For enthusiasts who like to read everything nautical, the following are some of the best and most informative sites available. We want to provide only top quality and informative sites for our readers ... so if you've found any truly wonderful boating related sites, we'd love to know about them. Enjoy!

Virgin Islands Search And Rescue
VISAR is a volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives at sea providing 24-hour search and rescue services in the British Virgin Island's. VISAR volunteers come from all walks of life with a large majority being involved in the BVI marine and boating industry. Volunteers are trained in search and rescue techniques, CPR and First Aid, and are prepared to be called out at any time of the day or night. The mission of VISAR is to aid and assist those persons in immediate peril at sea.

United States Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety
This is an excellent site focused on safe boating practices, boating news, an A to Z Glossary of terms.

The USCG, often assists VISAR and the Royal BVI Marine Police in the event of a boating emergency or if there is a need for search and rescue operations in British Virgin Islands territorial waters.

United States Power Squadron
The worlds largest nonprofit boating organization, stressing: Community service, continuing education, and social activities.

National Safe Boating Council (NSBC)
The mission of the NSBC is to reduce accidents and enhance the boating experience. The NSBC is the foremost coalition for the advancement and promotion of safer boating through education.

A truly excellent site for boating safety courses online including boating simulations & animations, boating safety quizzes, navigation course and tips for powerboats and sailboats.

Boat Safe Kids! - Boating Safety for Kids
Wonderful, interactive site for the kids complete with puzzles, nautical flags, weather for kids and answers to kid "type" questions.

American Sailing Association - ASA
Established more than 30 years ago, ASA has certified nearly half a million sailors in their 300 affiliate sailing schools across the U.S., the Caribbean and other places around the world. It is also the standard course offered through various charter companies for bareboat certification in the BVI.

Royal Yachting Association
The official website of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) - the UK National body for all forms of boating under sail or power including disabled sailing. Find all the latest information from clubs and regional departments.

Canadian Yachting Association
The CYA offers a wide variety of internationally recognized courses for both children and adults with programs tailored to the needs of women sailors with disabilities.

Nautical Knots & Knot Tying

Three of the very best sites on the Internet for learning to tie all the basic knots required for boating! Brush up on your knots before chartering and be sure to send these links to your crew. If they can't tie a bowline or even a simple reef knot, these sites are a fabulous way to learn. The animations are amazing and very easy to follow.

Tying knots is fun for all aboard. I used to teach the KATS (Kids and the Sea) programme here in the BVI. We always had knot tying races. My students (8 years and up) could tie a bowline (behind their backs) in 4 seconds. Can you?

They had to start by holding a 3' lanyard held in both hands in front of them. Try it and see if you could qualify to be an honourary KATS graduate. :)

Animated Knots by Grog
A really excellent, step by step guide to tying all the basic knots for sailing.

Boating Knots by Netknots
Excellent illustrations and descriptions of all the most popular boating knots.

Knots on the WEB
A comprehensive collection of knotting resources on the web. Sections on knot tying, mathematical knot theory, knot art, discussion forums, software videos, books and a knot gallery.

Last updated: Apr 7th 2020
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