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We want to learn to sail in Tortola! How does this work?

Step One - Select a monohull sailboat

After reading the ASA course outlines, select the right sailboat for you and your party. There a re several models from which to choose that are suitable for 2 to 8 guests, plus your instructor. Make it a family thing! Not everyone aboard has to take part, but anyone 12 and over may if they wish!

Your ASA (American Sailing Association) instructor will live aboard the yacht with you as you sail, so be sure to choose a boat with an extra cabin for your instructor. In other words, if you are a family of 4, (Mom, Dad and 2 children) you will need a 3 cabin, monohull sailboat in order to accommodate your instructor.

Step Two - Contact us for yacht availability

After looking over your sailboat options and having established the dates you'd like to sail, you need to plan for a minimum of 1 week for levels 1 and 2, or 10 days to be certified for bareboat chartering. Contact us (see link below) to find out about availability of the yacht you are interested in chartering. We will then send you a quote which will outline all costs including your instructor. Note: ASA course materials are extra. See below.

Step Three - Booking your Learn to Sail Vacation

You've chosen the monohull sailboat you want and you know the price. Now what? Just call or e:mail us and let us know you would like to proceed with a booking. We will put the boat on hold for you, send you a contract, information about the charter base, provisioning information, taxi order forms, etc.

You'll sign and return your contract together with a 50% deposit. The balance of the charter fee is due 45 days prior to arrival in Tortola.

Step Four - Course Materials and Associated Costs

Purchase your ASA manuals prior to arrival in the BVI so that you may study at home, leaving your time here in the islands available to concentrate on the practical side of sailing. You do not need manuals for everyone. You can share.

The books you will need to order online for the various courses are:

ASA 101 - Sailing Made Easy $24.95
ASA 103 - Coastal Cruising Made Easy $39.95
ASA 104 - Bareboat Cruising Made Easy $27.95
Total for all three manuals $92.85

ASA accepts all major credit cards. It's not necessary to purchase these manuals for all aboard. You can share! Study at home but bring your manuals with you for review purposes.

Provided you have studied your manuals at home, you will spend the majority of your time aboard learning the practical side of sailing rather than burning the midnight oil studying.

Additional per person expenses include:

ASA 101 Exam $12.95
ASA 103 Exam $11.95
ASA 104 Exam $11.95
Sailing Log Book $11.95
ASA Client Activation Fee $39.00
Total Per Person (all 3 courses) $87.80

These items are charged for each individual taking the courses and are a mandatory part of the course. They are available from and payable at the charter base in Tortola. Please note that not everyone aboard is obliged to take the courses if they'd rather not.

If you'd like to take ASA Sailing Lessons, contact us and let us know which monohull yachts you are interested in and what dates you'd like to sail! Keep in mind that your instructor will need his own cabin.

Last updated: Jun 6th 2016
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