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spacer View from Inside The Baths
View from Inside The Baths

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

The first time I visited Virgin Gorda, I did all your typical tourist type things, so of course, I went to the Baths! I've lived in the BVI since 1993, and I can honestly say that I never tire of this place!

This place brings out the kid in me! I always think of my sister and I, a pair of towheaded Tomboys, playing "pirates"! We had eye patches, kerchiefs, those little plastic hooks which fit over your hand and your obligatory (clip on) loop earring and plastic swords!

We would hide, skulk and plan our next attacks when opportunities arose. Sometimes we'd retreat when jousting became too aggressive. We "swashbuckled" for hours, battling each other fearlessly!

The object of our game was to find one another's treasure and take it to a predetermined place. Once there, the winner would blow a conch horn, (little red whistle) signaling victory. The loser walked the plank (our dock) at the point of a plastic sword! Oh what marvelous pirates we might have been ... if only we'd had a playground such as The Baths!

Whether you arrive by yacht or car, you'll want to visit "Top of the Baths". There's a lovely restaurant with a great view as well as a couple of very nice (if pricey) little gift shops. Mad Dog's Restaurant used to make the best sandwiches I've ever had. But sadly they closed.

Top of The Baths spacer Mad Dog's Restaurant
Top of The Baths
Mad Dog's Restaurant - Closed
BVI National Parks Trust spacer Pathway to the baths
BVI National Parks Trust
Beach Pathway

Prior to entering the park, you'll pay a small entrance fee at the Kiosk. The BVI National Parks Trust have done their best to make this path as easily navigable as possible, without ruining its natural surroundings. Take your time and choose each step carefully.

The Beach at The Baths spacer Boats at The Baths
Beach, Boulders and Palms
Boats Anchored Off the Beach

Your reward at trail's end is worth all your effort! You'll find hundreds of huge boulders strewn about one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in all the islands! Sea grape trees and coconut palms punctuate remarkable scenery.

Lava Flow? spacer Inside the Maze
Magma or Lava Flow?
Rock "Maze"

In what might be described as a boulder maze, you'll find many intriguing rock formations. I really don't know how to describe this hollowed out boulder in geological terms. This photo (above left) doesn't indicate perspective, but several people could stand inside. It looks to me as if molten magma or lava contained within, melted one side and flowed out!

Your challenge while inside this boulder maze is to find your way to Devil's Bay Beach with as few wrong turns as possible!

Path to Devil's Bay Beach spacer Devil's Bay Beach
Path to Devil's Bay Beach
Devil's Bay Beach

Upon entering this boulder maze, you will be met with a truly exquisite grotto!

The Baths on Virgin Gorda
"The Baths" on Virgin Gorda

The colour striations in these huge boulders are gorgeous! If you'd like your grotto pictures to exhibit these colours, be sure you use your flash. Get close enough to the boulders for proper effect. I stood in the water for this photo.

Notice to Boaters: BVI National Parks Trust Warning System

Flags are displayed on flagpoles located at both the Top of the Baths and on the beach to alert boaters during rough or dangerous sea conditions. The flags displayed are as follows:

Red Flag: Sea conditions are too rough to use the moorings. Proceed to a safer anchorage.
Yellow Flag: Use mooring balls with extreme caution. Do not leave your boat unattended.
Green Flag: Moorings are available for use.
Blue Flag: Jellyfish are present in the area.

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Virgin Gorda Map - BVI Photos

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