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North Sound, Virgin Gorda - BVI

This beautiful area is one large marine playground, bordered by several islands including, Mosquito, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock, Eustatia, Necker Island and Virgin Gorda.

There are plenty of spots to dock, anchor or you may pick up a mooring ball if you prefer. I would definitely plan to spend a full day here if not longer. There are a number of resorts and restaurants in this area and you will find provisioning available at BEYC, Bucks Market in Gun Creek or at Leverick Bay.

Aerial Photo of North Sound Virgin Gorda
Aerial Photo of The North Sound

In this picture above, Virgin Gorda is on your right, Mosquito Island is on the left and in the foreground, while Prickly Pear and Eustatia islands (which appear to be one) lie just north of Mosquito. Necker Island is to the far left. The small village seen (right) is Leverick Bay.

Sailors will appreciate that Colquhoun Reef on the north side of Mosquito Island is clearly visible in this photograph and points out the importance of paying close attention to your charts and marker buoys when entering the North Sound.

Anguilla Point can be seen in the middle foreground and although passable for some yachts, the cut is just too shallow for many others. To be on the safe side, we strongly recommend you choose to enter the Sound between Mosquito and Prickly Pear islands!

Necker Island
Aerial Picture of Necker Island

Eustatia and Necker Island are on the outer limits of the North Sound. Sir Richard Branson has turned Necker Island into an exquisite and very exclusive paradise for the rich and famous!

Saba Rock is a tiny island located about 200 yards from the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda. They cater to visiting yacht charter guests, and offer free WIFI service, free ice and up to 250 gallons of free water if staying on the dock or on their overnight moorings.

Saba Rock Aerial Photo
Saba Rock with BEYC just 200 yards away

There's often live entertainment and dancing at Saba Rock bar and restaurant and the marine museum is definitely worth a look see! For landlubbers, they rent hotel rooms and provide free ferry service too!

North and South Sound
View of the North and South Sound, BVI

I just love Gorda Sound. Its one of my favourite parts of the BVI! The tough part about visiting here is choosing what to do if you are on a limited time table. There are lots of water sports and land based activities in which you may take part!

You'll find a great hiking trail from Biras Creek over to the south shore, you may choose to go snorkelling or scuba diving at Eustatia Reef or any number of nearby dive sites, try your hand at kite boarding, rent a sunfish or hoby cat and sail in these wonderfully protected waters ... or just sit back, relax and watch the fun!

You can hike over to the south east side of the island from Biras Creek or Gun Creek if you'd like to stretch your legs and seek out something a little quieter. As you can see, you'll enjoy world class views!

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