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Virgin Gorda, BVI

From the Baths and Coppermine Point to Spanish Town, Leverick Bay, North Sound, Deep Bay ... and all points in between, the island of Virgin Gorda is simply breathtaking and a pleasure to explore!

Pajaros Point - Virgin Gorda - Aerial Photo
Aerial picture of Virgin Gorda, BVI from Pajaros Point

I find that aerial photos give one a unique perspective of the BVI and their undeniable appeal to vacationers in search of paradise. The cool Caribbean colours are spectacular, the vistas dramatic and you get a birds eye view of the numerous coral reefs, beaches and anchorages.

You'll find almost anything your heart desires on Virgin Gorda. World class resorts, health spas, beaches, sports fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, day sailing tours, deep sea fishing excursions, a full service marina and hiking trails at Gorda Peak!

Sunchaser Scuba is based in North Sound at the Bitter End Yacht Club while and Dive BVI has dive shops in both Spanish Town and Leverick Bay. Both offer diving and snorkeling tours around the islands.

There are many lovely restaurants, provisioning stores, gift shops as well as overnight moorings and dockage in the North Sound, Leverick Bay or in Spanish Town at the Yacht Harbour, which is about to be expanded to include a new mall!

Deep Bay and North Sound - Virgin Gorda Aerial Photo
Deep Bay and North Sound with Gorda Peak in the Background

Secluded anchorages such as Deep Bay, Oil Nut Bay or the South Sound offer those seeking solitude marvelous alternatives to The Baths, and other more popular destinations ... weather permitting.

Savannah Bay Beach is always far less crowded than the Baths (particularly on cruise ship days) but it is not an ideal anchorage as the entrance can be tricky to navigate and if the swells are up, it can be downright dangerous. If sailing, I recommend you leave the boat at the Yacht Harbour in St. Thomas Bay or at Leverick Bay and take a taxi or dinghy around to the beach.

North Sound - Virgin Gorda - Aerial Photo
View of the South Sound

Hiking fans will truly enjoy the marvelous trails at Gorda Peak National Park and throughout the North and South Sound or around the Coppermine and the Baths. If you venture out into the boulders at the southern tip of the island, be sure to take water and a compass. It is easy to become disoriented and dehydrated out there!

The Baths - Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands
The Baths

There are no less than 20 beaches to choose from and it is nearly impossible to choose which view is more spectacular than the next. However, it is pretty difficult to top the drama of The Baths and its massive boulders!

Along the shoreline in the picture below, you can see no less than 3 beaches just on the southern tip of the island alone! Sorry, about the photo ... I'll try to get some better pics soon.

The Baths and Spring Bay - Virgin Gorda - Aerial Photo
Spring Bay, The Baths and Devil's Bay

Several resorts are located on the island including Little Dix Bay Resort. Built by the late Laurance Rockefeller in 1964, Little Dix Resort boasts 500 acres of landscaped luxury! Mr. Rockefeller was a true ecologist, philanthropist and was considered a great friend of the BVI. The manicured grounds stand as testament to his efforts to beautify and preserve the British Virgin Islands for future generations.

The Valley and Spanish Town - Virgin Gorda - Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo of the Valley or Spanish Town

Biras Creek Resort and the Bitter End Yacht Club, are both located in the North Sound, focusing on water sports for active travelers. There are also numerous villas for rent and several small hotels and inns scattered throughout the island. Much of the island is uninhabited and remains "virgin territory"!

Leverick Bay - Virgin Gorda - Aerial Photo
Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay is a busy little village just outside the North Sound with its own marina, anchorage, health spa, tennis court, restaurant and lots of individual villas for rent.

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