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Quito's Gazebo - Cane Garden Bay

To_Quitos_Gazebo_Quito_Rymer Quito Rymer
Quito Rymer is a soft spoken man with a warm smile and soul of an artist. He was born and raised in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola and is arguably the British Virgin Islands favourite entertainer.

A versatile musician, Quito not only performs various Caribbean music forms but in the tradition of Bob Marley, he has also written and recorded several original and inspired reggae tunes.

His bar and restaurant is open 6 days a week and closed on Mondays. Tuesday and Thursday nights Quito performs solo while on Friday & Saturday nights, he plays with his band, The Edge to enthusiastic crowds who quickly fill up the large dance floor!

Open for lunch and dinner, the Restaurant is a BVI landmark and very likely, the most popular nightclub in the territory. If dining upstairs, you'll enjoy spectacular sunset views of yachts at anchor in the bay which is undeniably one of the BVI's most popular anchorages!

Warning! Guests visiting may find that once the band gets rocking, your feet will start moving independently of your body. Caribbean tunes are infectious and Quito's music has a quality that just makes a body happy!

You'll still be able to enjoy the music in the upstairs restaurant but will appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere overlooking both the stage and the anchorage.

To_Quitos_Gazebo Quito's Gazebo, Cane Garden Bay
To_Quitos_Gazebo_1 Inside Quito's Gazebo

Quito is a genuinely warm and friendly fellow who always makes time to stop by and say hello to guests ... and make you "Feel All Right"!

To_Quitos_Gazebo_Bar The Bar at Quito's Gazebo
To_Quitos_Ole_Works_Inn Quito's Ole Works Inn

In addition to the Gazebo bar & restaurant, Mr. Rymer is also the proprietor of the historic, Ole Works Inn, another Tortola landmark. This quaint, 18 room Inn with fresh water swimming pool is part of a 300 year old sugar factory. The factory processed raw sugar and supplied distilleries in the British Virgin Islands with the key ingredients required for distilling good rum ... pure sugar juice.

Rates start at $85.00 per night for basic accommodation to $235.00 for the deluxe suite.

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