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Tortola Beaches - Smuggler's Cove

I have a lot of "favourite" beaches in the BVI, but Smuggler's Cove is where I usually go (if I have time) to swim, kick back and relax for a while. I love this place... and not just because its relatively close to my home, but because this particular beach is quite simply irresistible, and the snorkelling is fabulous!

Smuggler's Cove Beach from a short distance away
Smuggler's Cove - Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The dirt road access is less than inviting and its not unlike embarking upon an African Safari to get here! In fact, many people prefer to walk in, leaving their cars at the Fish 'n Lime Restaurant, West End Ferry Terminal or at Long Bay Resort, rather than drive. But of all the beaches in the British Virgin Islands, this one is definitely worth the trouble! I prefer peace, quiet, good snorkelling and uncrowded beaches ... so this is the perfect place for me!

Smuggler's Cove - Tortola Beaches
A typical Caribbean afternoon at the Beach!

Bottom Type:
Safe For Children:
Scuba Diving:
Water Toys:
Beach Chairs:
Water Conditions:
Bars & Restaurants:
Hotels & Villas:
Area Description:
spacer Mostly sand with a sprinkling of coral near shore.
Excellent for both swimming and sunbathing!
Yes. Under adult supervision.
No, not usually.
Excellent! There is a coral bank about 100' off shore.
No dive shops. The snorkelling is excellent!
Some, but not a wide variety.
Yes, for rent.
Minimal wave action in the winter months. Usually calm.
Smuggler's Cove Bar & a snack stand.
Several villas & Long Bay Resort within walking distance.
Sparsely residential. Very Quiet!
By land or sea. Room for only a few boats to anchor.

More Information & Photos of Smuggler's Cove

A picture is worth a thousand words ...
Photos of Tortola beaches!

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