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spacer Long Bay Beach Tortola

Tortola Beaches
Long Bay - West End

Situated just east of Smuggler's Cove in Tortola's West End, Long Bay Beach offers several advantages for visitors to the British Virgin Islands. It is easily accessible by road and there's a lovely resort with restaurant and pool nearby with plenty of chairs provided free of charge for all comers!

Some BVI visitors say they are not impressed with this lovely, mile long beach! They claim there's too much coral close into shore. Well, perhaps that's true, if you choose to stay right in front of the resort. However, if you stretch your legs just a little and walk west towards Smuggler's Cove, (it doesn't take long) you'll find a very nice, uncrowded patch of sand with excellent swimming!

Tortola Beaches - Long Bay
Long Bay, British Virgin Islands

Bottom Type:
Safe For Children:
Scuba Diving:
Water Toys:
Beach Chairs:
Water Conditions:
Bars & Restaurants:
Hotels & Villas:
Area Description:
spacer Sand with coral near shore at the resort.
Fair to Good. Best at the west end of the beach.
Yes, but only under adult supervision. It can get rough!
Not under normal conditions.
So So. Sometimes its good, other times, not so much!
No dive shops.
Some. Not a wide variety but the basics are there.
Yes and they're free! (Most places charge!)
Minimal to medium wave action most of the time.
Yes. At the Resort.
Sometimes. Evenings only.
Yes, at Terrace Restaurant.
Several private villas and the Resort of course.
Hotel & Residential.
Easy access by land. Not a suitable anchorage.

A picture is worth a thousand words ...
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