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Josiah's Bay, Tortola

Of all the beaches in the British Virgin Islands, Josiah's Bay Beach is a surfing paradise! As soon as a north swell begins to roll, surfers suit up and head out to the break line! Swimming is hit and miss for those who are not strong swimmers. It depends on the weather. I've been here when you'd think this was heaven on earth ... and I've seen people in trouble as well. There can be a fierce undertow at times!

Josiah's Beach from the Ridge Road
Josiah's Bay from the Ridge Road

Across from Josiah's Bay, (in the distance) is lovely Guana Island. White Bay Beach can be seen in the photo above. Guana offers a wonderful day anchorage for bareboaters and one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI. Scuba diving or snorkelling is an absolute must there. Be sure to anchor carefully and please mind the reef!

Josiah's Bay Beach
Josiah's Bay Beach

Access is easy by road, but this is not a suitable anchorage. Nor is it one of those beaches where you can safely test your swimming skills or take your eyes off your children! Be sure you know where the undertows are before entering the water!

Bottom Type:
Safe For Children:
Scuba Diving:
Water Toys:
Water Conditions:
Bars & Restaurants:
Hotels & Villas:
Area Description:
spacer Mostly sand with a sprinkling of coral near shore.
Excellent, but for strong swimmers only.
Infrequently. Check weather & sea conditions.
Often! If caught, swim parallel to the beach until clear.
Pretty good if its a calm day.
No dive shops.
Medium to large wave action in the winter months.
2 on the beach or try the Tamarind Club for lunch!
Tamarind Club Hotel and a few villas.
Farming Community. Sparsely residential. Very Quiet!
By land only. Not a suitable anchorage.

A picture is worth a thousand words ...
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