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Tortola Beaches - Cane Garden Bay

That "son of a son of a sailor", Jimmy Buffet ... the old Parrot Head himself, became famous singing about boats, beaches, bars, women, life's disappointments and the little things which bring him joy. Not surprisingly, he (like so many of us) always seems to find solace while sailing the Caribbean!

Buffet immortalized Tortola in the lyrics of his song, "Manana"

"I hear it gets better, that's what they say,
As soon as we sail on to Cane Garden Bay"

Cane Garden Bay Beach
The Beach at Cane Garden Bay

For folks who, like Jimmy Buffet, truly appreciate sailing, great beaches, swimming, good restaurants, Caribbean entertainment, scuba diving, shopping and the ever popular beach bars, Cane Garden is your one stop shop!

There is no question that this is one of the most popular beaches in the British Virgin Islands and the entire Caribbean!

Bottom Type:
Safe For Children:
Scuba Diving:
Water Toys:
Beach Chairs:
Water Conditions:
Bars & Restaurants:
Hotels & Villas:
spacer Sand.
Yes. Excellent!
Yes. Under adult supervision of course!
No, not usually.
Nothing much to see as there is a sand bottom.
We Be Divin' offers day tours and equipment rentals.
Yes. Lots of choices but currently, no windsurfers.
Yes, and plenty to go around for everyone!
Some wave action in the winter months. Usually calm.
Quito's Gazebo & Myett's - evenings.
Yes. Public washroom beside Myett's Restaurant.
Yes. Bobby's Market Place and Rhymer's.
Yes. Several private villas and small Inns.
Tourist based, residential area.
By land or sea. Nice anchorage if there are no north swells ... which are common in the winter months.

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Cane Garden Bay
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