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Peter Island: British Virgin Islands

The BVI abounds with many wonderful anchorages for sailors to enjoy and Peter Island boasts some of the best! Below is a photo which shows part of Great Harbour in the foreground, Sprat Bay (center) and Deadman's Bay in the background.

The swimming area at Deadman's Bay is for resort guests only and is clearly demarcated. Visiting sailors may anchor at the south east end of the beach at Little Deadman's Bay. Though some bareboats anchor here overnight, I don't recommend it as the winds can change rapidly and the accompanying swells have been known to cause more than a few anxious nights.

Peter Island - Aerial Photo
Great Harbour, Sprat Bay and Deadman's Bay

Great Harbour is lovely but is not one of the better anchorages in the British Virgin Islands. There are very few ideal spots to anchor but if you persevere, its possible to find good holding. I like it well enough but prefer Little Harbour.

Having said that, the snorkeling here is really very good, particularly over in Buttonwood Bay near the dock on the west shore. I've seen whales in the BVI eight times since 1993 and on two separate occasions, a mother Humpback and calf wandered in to take a have a look around Great Harbour. Very exciting!

Sprat Bay, Peter Island - Aerial Photo
Sprat Bay

In Sprat Bay, you'll have access to some of the Peter Island Resort facilities which include a lovely restaurant, a handful of mooring balls, docking, ice, water, fuel and a full service dive shop operated by Randy Kiel.

Little Harbour, Peter Island - Aerial Photo
Little Harbour Anchorage

I particularly like Little Harbour as an overnight anchorage. Even in peak season, when the BVI is buzzing with bareboaters, there are usually less than a dozen yachts here and quite often, there are fewer than three or four.

On the back side of Peter Island (south shore), you'll also find that Key Bay and White Bay provide excellent anchorages given the right sea and wind conditions. Be sure to check marine forecasts before staying on the south side though!

In the photo above, you can see both Key Cay and Carrot Rock (left) off Peter Island Bluff.

Palm Trees on Deadman's Beach, Peter Island
Palm Trees, Beach and Hammocks - What a Life!

There's really nothing quite like lounging in one of the many hammocks in the shade of a palm tree while looking out over one of the British Virgin Islands most wonderful beaches. All your cares just melt away!

View of Dead Chest Island from Deadman's Bay Beach
View of Dead Chest Isle from Deadman's Bay Beach

The image above struck me as looking an awful lot like a painting rather than a photo but Dead Chest really looks like that from this particular vantage point! Here you can see the marker boys outlining the swimming area with the anchorage beyond and to the south.

Peter Island Cabana at Deadman's Beach
Even on an overcast and rainy day - Paradise is hard to beat!

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