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Moskito Island: British Virgin Islands

Rumours abound regarding what the future will hold for Moskito Island which was once home to a resort known as Drake's Anchorage. The 120 acre island is located in the North Sound just off shore from Anguilla Point, Virgin Gorda. In years past, this little BVI jewel (often mistakenly referred to as "Mosquito" Island) was once a popular playground for visiting sailors and scuba divers.

Moskito Island, BVI - Aerial Photo
Moskito Island is about to become the BVI's newest eco-resort

Its impossible to talk about Moskito Island or the old Drake's Anchorage Resort without paying homage to its original proprietor, Bert Kilbride. Bert was somewhat of a British Virgin Islands legend who spent the better part of 50 years searching for underwater treasure in the BVI. He described himself as the "Last Pirate of the Caribbean". He built the resort in the 60's and it quickly became a favourite hangout for scuba divers as well as the sailing crowd. Bert passed away in January, 2008, at the ripe old age of 94. What a life he had!

Drake's Anchorage was built just yards from the treacherous Colquhoun Reef. My guess is that Mr. Kilbride (who was always dreaming of discovering the mother load) was hoping to hit pay dirt should a yacht or ship of substance hit the reef and sink. At the resort, he would virtually be sitting atop whatever treasures (or salvage rights) there were to be had!

Colquhoun Reef off Moskito Island, BVI
Colquhoun Reef off Moskito Island, BVI

The reef has claimed its share of bareboat and private yachts over the years and is one which demands respect from all approaching the North Sound!

On the island, there was once a really lovely hiking trail called "The trail of Palms" which one could follow around the whole island. As the island is now to become a new resort, I don't imagine hikers would be very welcome. Once open, it will be interesting to see if the trail still exists.

Drake's Anchorage closed in 1997 with a brief reopening from 2000 to 2001. In 2007, Sir Richard Branson (who also owns nearby Necker Island) bought Moskito with the intent of building an eco-resort, consisting of a restaurant and approximately 20 villas that he plans to power using solar panels and wind turbines. He currently has a ring tailed Lemur refuge located there.

There are a couple of notable beaches here as well. My favourite is Hay Point Beach. This is a lovely, white sand beach which offers great snorkeling immediately offshore. Honeymoon Beach is another nice little spot and, as the name suggests, is just large enough for a couple to enjoy some solitude.

I have no idea when this new resort might be completed but it is hoped that visiting yachtsmen will be welcome to enjoy the restaurant and beaches.

Stay tuned for further developments!
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