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Map of Jost Van Dyke

The slow pace and idyllic setting will charm you the minute you set foot on this marvelous island! Though only 4 miles long, there are numerous beach bars and restaurants in Great Harbour, White Bay, Little Harbour and East End too. And don't forget Little Jost Van Dyke while you are here.

Map of Jost Van Dyke

This is a perfect island to slow down and take in the magnificent beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

Map Legend  

Moorings in Great Harbour: Many!
(10) Foxy's

Little Harbour:
(10) Harris' Place plus docking
(10) at Abe's - Little Harbour

East End: (10) Foxy's Taboo Restaurant at Diamond Cay

White Bay: (10) Ivan's Stress Free Bar

Origin of Name:   Jost Van Dyke was likely named for a Dutch privateer named Joost Van Dyk.

Approximately 60 miles east of Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Yet another volcanic island which is the smallest of the 4 main islands.

This is a quiet island with little infrastructure to speak of other than a few main roads, a church, a primary school, an ice house, a small but well stocked store for provisioning, several restaurants, a small selection of hotels and villas for rent. The island only got electricity in the 1990's. Before then, people used generators and kerosene lamps.

White Bay Beach is one of the most lovely beaches in the BVI and is a popular daytrip destination for visitors from the U.S. Virgin Islands and the charter yacht community. In recent years, the Bubbly Pool has become quite popular.


Somewhere between 225 to 300 (estimate only)

Main Town or Village:

Great Harbour

Maximum elevation:
Majohnny Hill - 1,370' above sea level

Land Mass:
Approximately  8 square miles.

Main industry:
Tourism and fishing.

Have fun ... meet Foxy Callwood, Ivan Chinnery & other charming Virgin Islanders who are happy to spend some time with you, enjoy a libation and chat for a while!

Phone: (284) 495-4168 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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Updated: December 25, 2014

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