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Map - Beef Island, British Virgin Islands

Located at the eastern tip of Tortola and joined by the Queen Elizabeth bridge, Beef Island is home to the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS), the main airport for the British Virgin Islands. There are currently no direct international flights to the BVI. Travelers fly into one of the major Caribbean hubs such as Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Martin or St. Thomas to board connecting flights to this airport.

Map Beef Island

Mooring Balls - (29) - Pay for moorings at The Last Resort on Bellamy Cay, owned and operated by British Comedian, Tony Snell.

Trellis Bay Entrance: The "No Go Zone" is clearly marked by a series of 8, yellow flashing markers. Vessels not exceeding 10' in height may traverse the No Go Zone safely. (See map inset and photo below).

Trellis Bay Entrance spacer

Round the cardinal buoy at Sprat Rock, stay between the yellow flashing markers and 2 green channel markers. Although it may not "appear" to be deep enough, the minimum depth is 12' in this zone.

Yachts with masts exceeding 50' must request permission to enter Trellis Bay. Call the Civil Aviation Department on VHF Channel 16.

Trellis Bay No Go Zone
Trellis Bay, "No Go Zone" - The reason to stay clear is self explanatory!

A picture is worth a thousand words!
Photos of Beef Island | Trellis Bay | Bellamy Cay | Marina Cay

If on your way to the airport from Tortola, stop at Long Bay beach to enjoy one last dip! This beach is terrific for swimming and sunbathing!

Within walking distance from Beef Island airport, lies sleepy, Trellis Bay. There are several charming shops, such as Aragorn's Studio, where you may buy local art. Aragorn is a very talented fellow! De Loose Mongoose restaurant, beside Beef Island Guest House, is a very casual and laid back place to wait for your flight. Enjoy one last meal or a few cold drinks before heading to the airport!

Just a short stroll along the beach from Aragorn's Studio, you'll find Jeremy Wright's, Adventures in the BVI and his restaurant. I am told the sandwiches are awesome!

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These hand drawn maps of Beef Island and Trellis Bay entrance,
are not for navigational purposes.

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