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Map - Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Distinct from all other islands in the BVI archipelago (which are mainly volcanic and very hilly in origin), Anegada is all but flat. It could be said that the whole island, which is little more than 10 miles long and only 28' above sea level (at its highest point), is one truly magnificent beach!

You won't want to miss the Anegada Flamingos at the salt pond, which, after a couple of failed attempts, were successfully reintroduced to their natural habitat in 1992. There is easy access to "Flamingo Pond" across the road from Neptune's Treasure. (See map). When anchored between Pomato Point and Setting Point, you can often hear the birds honking at sunrise. A truly uplifting experience!

Flamingos are very shy birds, so walk softly, keep voices to a whisper and please, don't attempt to interact with or feed them when you go to visit. Bring plenty of film, casual attire and you might be wise to bring a spare pair of washable shoes when visiting the Flamingos!

Map of Anegada

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Population estimate - 200
Square Miles - 21.5
Highest Elevation - 28'
Mooring Buoys - (10) Setting Point

The legendary, "Anegada Reef" surrounding this tiny island oasis, has been the demise of hundreds of unsuspecting ships and pleasure boats sailing the British Virgin Islands. From the water, this reef is pretty much imperceptible ... but a photo is worth a thousand words. Now that's a reef!


No sailing adventure to this magical island would be complete without enjoying a freshly caught, lobster dinner ... straight from the reef! Local restaurants such as the Lobster Trap, Little Bit or Pomato Point Restaurant,  Neptune's Treasure, Anegada Reef Hotel, Potters by the Sea, and Big Bamboo in Loblolly Bay ... all prepare this delectable, island specialty! I like my lobster grilled on the BBQ and dripping with lemon butter!  :)

Other Points of Interest and things to do

You must also visit the bar and grill at Cow Wreck Beach. This place is a real island treat! Soak up some sun, enjoy good food, a stunning beach, charming hosts, swimming, snorkelling, kiteboarding and windsurfing or just kick back with a good book!

*Plan ahead when chartering*
There are no supermarkets. Fresh water and fuel are very scarce on Anegada!

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