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White Bay Beach - Jost Van Dyke

The soothing Caribbean colours, shimmering aquamarine water, blue sky and lush, green hills are punctuated by this gorgeous, palm lined beach. Many have sung the praises of this picture perfect bay ... and for good reason! White Bay is simply gorgeous and you'll find several terrific beach bars here.

White Bay Beach Jost Van Dyke
White Bay Beach the Morning After a Storm
Note the Chairs and Picnic Bench - Seriously Stuck in the Sand

In the early 1990's, the place was almost always deserted with the exception of a handful of residents, three or four beach bars, one small hotel, a smattering of yacht charter guests ... "in the know" and a handful of other visitors. However, since the road was built and they got electricity, it has been discovered.

Peaceful White Bay Beach

In the morning, before the day trippers arrive or in off season, you'll find it to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in the British Virgin Islands.

Bottom Type:
Safe For Children:
Rip Tide:
Scuba Diving:
Water Toys:
Beach Chairs:
Water Conditions:
Hotels & Villas:
Area Description:
spacer Sand.
Excellent, by any standards!
Yes, under adult supervision. Quick drop off.
Not usually but possible prior to or after a storm.
At the west end of the cove.
No dive shops.
Available at Sea and Land Adventures.
Yes, plenty!
Wave action in the winter months. Usually clear and calm.
Many! Soggy Dollar, Ivan's, Jewels, One Love, Gertrude's, etc.
Sometimes at the various bars.
Several at the various bars.
Sandcastle, Ivan's, Pink House, Perfect Pinapple and others.
Sparsely residential. Quiet ... most of the time!
By land or sea. Refer to your cruising guide.

Ladies Sunbathing on White Bay Beach

There's something very special about this part of paradise which I really can't describe. Every time I come to Jost Van Dyke, I'm compelled to go swimming and always feel totally invigorated. I swear there's something different in the water here!

Hammock on White Bay Beach

If you are in the area near One Love Beach Bar in the morning, don't be surprised if you run into some rather unusual beach goers enjoying a swim in these lovely aquamarine waters. They were born here! :)

Ducks on White Bay Beach

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Updated: December 25, 2014

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