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Great Harbour - Jost Van Dyke

spacer Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke

A T-shirt at Corsairs boasts, "great food, great drinks, Great Harbour"!

One of the things I love about the BVI is that each island is so different! Jost Van Dyke is certainly a world apart from any of the other British Virgin Islands!

Great Harbour is the center of activity and seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. The number of beach bars in this popular anchorage has certainly expanded in recent years! It appears there may soon be two more added to our BVI photo gallery!

As you approach the island from the harbour, note the government dock centrally located on the beach. After anchoring, dinghy into the dock, turn left and walk along the beach to Rudy's Mariner Inn.

Rudy's Mariner Inn spacer Methodist Church
Rudy's Mariner Inn
Methodist Church

Rudy's is a mainstay in this popular, BVI anchorage, with lodging and a small store in back, offering basic provisions. Just to the right of Rudy's stands the charming JVD Methodist Church bearing a sign saying, "All are Welcome".

Corsairs spacer Vinny - Owner of Corsairs
Corsairs Bar & Restaurant
Vinny of Corsairs

A relatively new addition to Jost Van Dyke is Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant. Corsairs owner, Vinny is a very personable fellow who drives a vintage US army jeep. Vinny is quick with a smile and a story or two. Your chef will whip up a great meal while your enjoy some yummy island drinks! Corsairs is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ali Baba's Restaurant spacer Custom's & Immigration
Ali Baba's Restaurant
Customs & Immigration
Wendell's World spacer Beach Bar
Wendell's World
Another Beach Bar

Ali Baba's Restaurant is also open 7 days a week and specializes in terrific, local Caribbean dishes!

In front of the government dock is Customs & Immigration and the local police station. If you are planning to sail to St. John or St. Thomas, USVI, stop at Jost Van Dyke before leaving the British Virgin Islands. Do your Customs & Immigration clearance here rather than on Tortola as there's not likely to be a line up. Even if there is ... its a nicer spot to hurry up and wait!

Tessa & Foxy Callwood spacer
Tessa & Foxy Callwood

Foxy's BVI Bar & Restaurant: Tessa and Foxy Callwood are known by sailors and yachtsmen the world over.

Together, this dynamic duo have built a fabulous business which has become one of the main attractions to this harbour and these islands! See Photos of Foxy's!

Bun Road is beside Customs & Immigration and will take visiting sailors directly to Nature's Basket Grocery Store & Christine's Bakery. Renee, the charming young lady at Nature's Basket goes out of her way to be of assistance. At Christine's, you'll enjoy freshly baked breads and sticky buns!

Nature's Basket Grocery Store spacer Christine's Bakery
Nature's Basket Grocery Store
Christine's Bakery
Ice House spacer New Horizon Ferry Service
Ice House
New Horizon Ferry

If you are low on ice, stop off at the Ice House on Bun Road, opposite Christine's Bakery. The New Horizon Ferry Service, (284) 495-9278, picks up and drops off in Soper's Hole if you are staying on Tortola!

Jost Van Dyke is a definite "must" on your BVI sailing itinerary!

Great Harbour, British Virgin Islands
Wow ... Great Harbour! British Virgin Islands

Great Harbour is a fascinating melting pot of British Virgin Islanders & visiting sailors who managed to drift into this perfect BVI beach and stay a while!

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