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British Virgin Islands
P through R

Pelican Island | Pelican Cay | Peter Island | Prickly Pear
Red Rock
| Road Reef | Round Rock

All of the above listed islands (with the exception of Peter and Road Reef) are uninhabited. Prickly Pear is one of the BVI National Parks with a beach bar and restaurant, but nobody actually lives there.

Facts and Information:

Note: If we have not provided a map, please refer to the main map for locations.

Pelican Island spacer Map

Just north of Norman Island and east of The Indians.

Immediately West of Pelican on a mooring ball
N18° 19 Hrs. 54 Mins. - W64° 37 Hrs. 34 Mins.

Uninhabited - This can be an interesting place to explore. If you visit soon after a storm, you are likely to find some good shells lying on the rocky beach along the eastern shore.

Pelican Cay spacer Map

Off the north shore of Little Jost Van Dyke.

Above water rock which, as its name suggests is a favourite roost for Pelicans.

Peter Island spacer Map | Pictures | Peter Island Resort

South of Tortola and north east of Norman Island.

A gorgeous, 1800 acre, private resort offering high end vacation villas and beach side guest rooms with two restaurants, swimming pool, 5 beaches, health spa, tennis courts and hiking trails. A truly lovely getaway!

Notable Beaches:
Dead Man's Bay, White Bay Beach, Big Reef Bay, Great Harbour and Honeymoon Beach.

There are several anchorages around Peter Island, but I will caution you not to anchor overnight at Dead Man's Bay. Wind and sea conditions can frequently be fickle here and though it may seem like a safe anchorage quite often it is not and conditions can change radically in a matter of hours!

Overnight: Great Harbour (near Calalloo Beach Bar), Little Harbour, Sprat Bay and when sea conditions allow, White Bay and the western side of Key Point close to Key Cay.

Daytime Only:
Deadman's Bay

Additional Information: Peter Island Resort

Prickly Pear spacer Pictures | North Sound Map | Virgin Gorda

North Sound: Between Mosquito and Eustatia Islands.

BVI National Park:
243 acre, uninhabited island with one lovely beach bar named The Sand Box Grille and Bar, located at Vixen Point.

This is a very special place and a great place for hiking. Be sure to take plenty of water and a good hat for sun protection!

Vixen Point and Cactus Point, just south of the reef.

Red Rock spacer  

Fat Hog's Bay entrance north east of Buck Island.

This rock marks the starboard side of the entrance to Fat Hog's Bay and Penn's Landing Marinas.

Road Reef spacer  

South of Tortola at the port entrance to Road Harbour.

It appears to be part of Tortola but is in fact is a separate Cay. A small and almost imperceptible bridge spans the narrow channel between the two islands. Here you will find the Royal BVI Yacht Club, Virgin Islands Search and Rescue, the BVI Marine Police base as well as Tortola Marine Management or TMM.

Round Rock spacer  

Between Ginger and Broken Jerusalem.

Large, above water rock marking the passage at Ginger Island. Good drift diving between here and Fallen Jerusalem.

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