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British Virgin Islands
M through N

Mangrove Cays | Manuel Cay | Marina Cay | Moskito Island | Mosquito Rock
Nanny Cay | Necker Island | Nora Hazel Rock | Norman Island

Below you'll find each of the British Virgin Islands beginning with M through N. We've provided detailed information including beaches, anchorages, scuba diving sites, location, and noteworthy features or events.

Facts and Information:

Note: If no other map is indicated, refer to the BVI Map for locations.

Mangrove Cays spacer Map


Two small cays off the southern tip of Burt Point (Road Harbour, Tortola) near the Royal BVI Yacht Club. Note: I made up the names as I can't find any names on the charts.

Very small uninhabited cays which are entirely made up of mangroves. This is an interesting place to investigate (if you like crawling around in mangroves) as it is a natural habitat for thousands of juvenile reef fish and crustaceans. You'll need a kayak to get there or you may wade out from shore if you are brave. I really like doing this sort of thing and totally think it's worth the effort ... my sister-in-law, not so much!  :)

Manuel Cay spacer  

Sea Cow's Bay, Tortola, just north of Manuel Reef Marina.

Very small uninhabited cay which is home to nesting pelicans and at times a Great Blue Heron or two!

Marina Cay spacer Map | Photo & Information

North east of Sprat Point, Beef Island and immediately south of Scrub Island, east of Great Camanoe.

This lovely little 8 acre island is home to Pusser's Marina Cay Resort which was taken over by Charles Tobias, (owner of Pusser's West Indies Ltd.) in 1994. There are several villas, a restaurant and a gift shop.

Author Robb White and his wife Rodie built their home here when it was still virgin territory. Robb wrote about their experiences in his novel entitled "Two on the Isle". Good read!

: Moorings are available on the south west side of the island. Pay at the marina.

Fuel, water and ice are available.
Additional Information: Pusser's - Marina Cay

Moskito Island spacer Photos | Map of North Sound or Virgin Gorda

North Sound, off Anguilla Point, Virgin Gorda.
Description:   Named for the Moskito Indians (rather than the mosquito insect) who once resided here sometime prior to the 1500's.

This lovely island was purchased by Sir Richard Branson who also owns nearby Necker Island. Sir Richard intends to build an eco-freindly resort here, replacing the run down and deserted, "Drake's Anchorage" which was once owned by the "Last Pirate of the Caribbean", Burt Kilbride who passed away in 2008.
Notable Beaches:   Hay Point and Honeymoon Beach

Deadman's Bay

Mosquito Rock spacer Map

Off the north eastern tip of Moskito Island.

Above water rock which marks the beginning of Colquhoun Reef, extending nearly half way between Mosquito and Prickly Pear Islands. Colquhoun Reef has claimed its fair share of BVI charter yachts, so please pay close attention to your charts when entering the North Sound!

Nanny Cay spacer Map | Pictures and Information

Attached to Tortola (south shore) by bridge, half way between Road Town and West End.
Description: Nanny Cay is home to the the largest public marina in the BVI. The hotel provides a lovely swimming pool overlooking Drake's Channel. There are three restaurants, a small convenience store, a few gift shops, hair salon and spa, a small pottery studio. There's also a miniature golf range and a kiddie park at Captain Mulligan's Restaurant & Bar.

Fuel, water and ice are available as well as a full service marina with boat yard for dry storage, travel lift, sail makers, riggers, a chandlery, shipwrights, yacht sales, yacht charters and marine surveyors.

Special Events:
BVI Spring Regatta - End of March to early April
HIHO Windsurfing Championships - early July
KATS BVI Premier's Cup - mid July

Additional Information: Nanny Cay Hotel and Marina

Necker Island spacer North Sound Map | Virgin Gorda Map | Photo

North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

Private and very exclusive island resort owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Additional Information: Necker Island

Nora Hazel Rock spacer  

Off Nora Hazel Point, Tortola.

Above water rock.

Norman Island spacer Map | Photos and Information

South of Tortola and south west of Peter Island.


Notable Spot:
Norman Island is the southern most of all the British Virgin Islands and is privately owned by Dr. Henry Jarecki who also owns Guana Island Resort.

Almost entirely uninhabited, the only structure is Pirate's Bight Restaurant located in The Bight. Also in The Bight is the William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant which is affectionately known as the Willy T. This is the anchorage most yacht charter guests head for on the first day in the BVI and it is often their last stop before returning their yacht to the charter base.

The Caves at Treasure Point are a very popular snorkeling destination.

Overnight: The Bight, Benures Bay and if sea conditions permit ... Soldier Bay & Money Bay can be very pleasant.

Daytime Only: The Caves or Privateer Bay.

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