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British Virgin Islands
I through L

The Indians | Key Cay | Little Anegada | Little Camanoe
Little Jost Van Dyke | Little Thatch | Little Tobago | Little Wickham's Cay

Below is a list of all the British Virgin Islands beginning with I through L. Here you will find location information for each island as well as beaches, dive sites, anchorages and special events of note.

Facts and Information:

Where there is no map indicated beside the island name, please refer to the BVI map for location.

The Indians spacer Picture | Map

North of Norman Island and west of Pelican.

Four large rock pinnacles rising out of the water offering terrific snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. This is a favourite stop for day sail boats, scuba diving companies and bareboaters.
Key Cay spacer  

Off the southern shore of Peter Island.

Very small uninhabited cay which marks an excellent anchorage under the right sea conditions.
Little Anegada spacer Map

Off the southern shore of Anegada at Lower Bay.

Very small uninhabited cay.
Little Camanoe spacer Map

Off the northern shore of Beef Island and west of Great Camanoe.

Uninhabited - some good (shallow) diving off the north east tip of the island under the right sea conditions.
Little Jost Van Dyke spacer Map

Off the eastern shore of Jost Van Dyke and northwest of Green Cay.

The southern shore forms part of a protected anchorage at Diamond Cay. John Coakley Lettsome (a Quaker and noted British Virgin Islander) was born here in 1744. He later became a medical doctor and established the London Medical Society in 1773.

In 2008, an archaeological expedition comprised of several students from UC, Berkley, uncovered several artifacts from a small area that had at one time been a homestead from the mid 1700's. These artifacts are being held at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, for further study.
Little Thatch Island spacer Map

Off the western tip of Frenchman's Cay and southwest of Steele Point, Tortola.

Privately owned island offering a small but secluded vacation home with a lovely beach. Ideal as a honeymoon getaway! See: SeaGrape Cottage.
Little Tobago Cay spacer BVI National Park

Off the south western tip of Great Tobago near Jost Van Dyke.

This is truly one of Nature's best kept secrets partly because it isn't even mentioned in most of the cruising guides or shown on any maps! The Tobago Cays are a snorkeling paradise with untold numbers of fish and coral species and many different areas to dive.

The Cays mark the north western terminus of the British Virgin Islands and are home to several species of nesting sea birds. This particular piece of paradise is a photographers delight, so be sure to bring your camera! But mind your step, there are LOTS of birds here. Best bring a pair of shoes you won't mind burning afterwards!  :)
Little Wickham's Cay spacer Map

Inner Harbour, Road Town, Tortola.

Very small uninhabited cay which sits at the base of Inner Harbour and is an oasis for sea birds in an otherwise very busy harbour.
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