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British Virgin Islands
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Dead Chest | Diamond Cay | Dog Islands | Eustatia | Fallen Jerusalem
Frenchman's Cay | Ginger Island | Great Camanoe | Great Thatch
Great Tobago | Green Cay | Guana Island

Of the islands noted above, all but Eustatia, Frenchman's Cay, Great Camanoe and Guana Island are uninhabited. Six are (in part or whole) BVI National Parks.

Facts and Information:

Where there is no map indicated, please refer to the Map of the British Virgin Islands for location.

Dead Chest spacer BVI National Park

Between Salt and Peter Islands, south of Tortola.

Uninhabited island with steep rock cliffs and rugged shoreline. There's often good shell collecting on shore if you know what to look for. Two of the most popular scuba diving sites (painted walls and blond rock) are located just offshore.

The rather revolting and grisly poem written in 1891 by Young E. Allison originally named "Derelict" refers to this unforgiving island.

The poem was written (in part) by Robert Louis Stevenson in his classic novel, "Treasure Island". It begins; "Fifteen men on a Dead Man's Chest, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum". Allison completed the poem which was then put to music and became a well known sea shanty.

You'll have to read Treasure Island to make sense of the lyrics as reference is made to specific characters and it is written in what I suppose could be termed "Pirate Speak"!
Diamond Cay spacer BVI National Park  Photographs & Information | Map

A few feet off the northern shore of Jost Van Dyke.

Very small uninhabited cay which is home to several species of nesting sea birds.

Foxy's Taboo Restaurant is located nearby, on the eastern shore of Jost Van Dyke which includes a restaurant and gift shop and about ten mooring balls off the dock.

Overnight: Long Bay (JVD) to the north of Diamond Cay and in front of Foxy's Taboo Restaurant. Moorings are provided, but there are places to safely anchor as well. This is where you'll anchor if planning to visit the Bubbly Pool.
Dog Islands spacer BVI National Park - (West Dog) Pictures

Off the north west coast of Virgin Gorda (Mountain Point) and east of Great Camanoe

The Dog islands consist of 6 small, uninhabited islands with very rugged terrain. George, Great and West Dog as well as East, West and Seal Dog. Great scuba diving around this whole area!

Additional Information: Dive Sites
Eustatia spacer  

North Sound off Virgin Gorda.

A privately owned, 30 acre island with three private villas and several lovely beaches. Nearby, Eustatia Reef is a wonderful spot for snorkeling!
Fallen Jerusalem spacer BVI National Park 

Off the south west tip of Virgin Gorda, east of Ginger.

Small and uninhabited, Fallen Jerusalem is littered with large boulders. There's a very tiny and lovely beach here which, on most days is not safe for boaters to approach. But when sea and wind conditions permit, its a lovely wee piece of paradise!
Frenchman's Cay spacer Map | Sopers Hole Information & Photos

Joined with Tortola by a small bridge at West End.

Large Cay which, together with south west Tortola makes up Sopers Hole anchorage ... a very popular spot for bareboaters and visiting sailors. It is home to several restaurants, D' Best Cup Coffee Shop, a marina, boat yard, a yacht charter company, gift shops and many private homes. 

Frenchman's Cay resort and the lovely Clubhouse Restaurant are located on the eastern end of the cay.

Additional Information: Sopers Hole Wharf and Marina
Ginger Island spacer  

Between Cooper and Round Rock.

Privately owned and uninhabited island which boasts probably the best dive site in the BVI! Alice in Wonderland is a spectacular dive located at South Bay. A second dive site in South Bay are the Ginger Steps and Alice's Back Door (north shore) which is an excellent site for beginner and intermediate divers.

On the east coast of Ginger, you'll find the Sound and Wedgeo Bay. I have frequently seen yachts anchored in this area but have been too much of a coward to go and explore it as there are reefs and very shallow water everywhere! Perhaps somebody who's been in there can share their secrets?

Additional Information: Dive Sites
Great Camanoe   BVI National Park (at Cam Bay )

Off the north shore of Beef Island and east of Guana.

Sparsely inhabited, residential island which offers two very nice anchorages. Lee Bay is on the western shore while Cam Bay is on the east shore opposite Scrub Island. Good snorkeling at Cam Bay around the shallow reef with lots of colourful reef fish to enjoy.
Great Thatch    

Off the western tip of Tortola (Steele Point)

Uninhabited island which is said to have been named after one of the Caribbean's most notorious pirates. Though nobody is entirely sure of his real name, Blackbeard's true identity may have been Edward Thatch, though some reports say it was Teach.

This British rogue often used Sopers Hole as a temporary home base for a few years between 1715 to early 1718.
Great Tobago   BVI National Park

Off the western tip of Jost Van Dyke.

Small, uninhabited island which has seemingly been forgotten but if sea conditions are right, it is a fabulous place to visit.

Great Tobago and Little Tobago mark the western extreme of the British Virgin Islands and truly are "Virgin". Marvelous diving and snorkeling is to be found here. This is the only known nesting place of the magnificent frigate bird in the BVI. If anchored near shore and you hear a drumming noise, that's a male frigate bird in the midst of wooing the ladies!
Green Cay   Map

North of West End,Tortola - east of Little Jost Van Dyke.

A beautifully rugged and uninhabited little island with a shallow coral shoal extending from its southern tip about two hundred and fifty yards to nearby Sandy Spit and her picture postcard beach.

When visiting, be certain to bring your snorkel gear. This whole area is gorgeous!
Guana Island    

Off the north eastern shore of Tortola west of Great Camanoe.

Exclusive, 850 acre private resort and wildlife sanctuary owned by Dr. Henry Jarecki. Guana Island boasts 7 beaches and the most rare and diverse flora and fauna to be found anywhere in the BVI. Marvelous hiking trails, coral reefs for snorkeling with plenty of reef fish, Manta Rays and schools of Tarpon.

Monkey Point is a favourite place for snorkeling.

Notable Beaches:
White Bay Beach - simply glorious!
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