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Alphabetical listing for all the British Virgin Islands

The BVI (which are part of the British West Indies) consist of more than 60 islands, cays (pronounced keys) and several big, above water rocks. I have never been able to find a complete list anywhere. So I set about finding numerous maps and nautical charts in an effort to identify and confirm the numbers.

I poured over the maps for days and was finally able to come up with a total of 64. If you consider that Broken Jerusalem is actually a group of three above water rock piles and the Indians are really 4 above water pinnacles, then the total would come to 69 ... but that's stretching things a tad!

Note: A few cays have more or less been incorporated into their larger sister islands as a result of recent land reclamation projects. Though for all intents and purposes, they may no longer appear to be separate entities, they still carry separate identities.

I was unable to confirm names for some of the small cays and rocks, so I employed a "best guess" based on local opinion and a little help from various government agencies. These "best guesses" are identified by an *. There are a couple of unnamed mangrove cays in front of the Royal BVI Yacht Club so I have taken the liberty of naming them, strictly for the purpose of completing this list. No offense intended!

Reflecting the history of the BVI, many place names are Spanish in origin, some are quite obviously British, and a few are Dutch.

The British Virgin Islands, Cays and Rocks in Alphabetical Order

Beef Island
Bellamy Cay
Betty Brown Rock
Broken Jerusalem
Buck Island
Carrot Rock
Carval Rock
Cooper Island
Dead Chest
Diamond Cay
East Seal Dog
Fallen Jerusalem Frenchman's Cay
George Dog
Ginger Island
Great Camanoe
Great Dog
Great Thatch
Great Tobago
spacer Green Cay
Guana Island
The Indians
Jost Van Dyke
Key Cay
Little Anegada
Little Camanoe
Little Jost Van Dyke
Little Mangrove Cay*
Little Thatch
Little Tobago
Little Wickham's Cay
Mangrove Cay*
Manuel Reef Cay*
Marina Cay
Mosquito Island
Mosquito Rock
Nanny Cay
Necker Island
Nora Hazel Rock*
Norman Island
spacer Pelican Island
Pelican Cay
Peter Island
Prickly Pear
Red Rock
Road Reef
Round Rock
Saba Rock
Salt Island
Sandy Cay
Sandy Spit
Seal Dog
Slaney Cay*
Sprat Rock
Virgin Gorda
West Seal Dog
Whale Rock
Wickham's Cay I
Wickham's Cay II

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