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Anegada Anchorage at Setting Point & Pomato Point

When seen from a plane, Its not difficult to understand why Anegada is known as the drowned island! In this picture below, you can see Setting Point ferry dock (center), Bender's Bay anchorage (left), with Flamingo Pond covering a vast portion of the island's inland area.

Aerial View of Setting Point Anchorage in Anegada
Aerial View of Setting Point Anchorage - British Virgin Islands

Setting Point is home to Anegada Reef Hotel & Restaurant as well as Potter's By the Sea. Further down the beach are Neptune's Treasure Hotel, Lobster Trap and Pomato Point Restaurants.

When dining, lobster and conch are what Anegada is all about. Sure you will find fish, beef, chicken, pork, goat and lamb as well, but this island boasts one of the best conch and lobster fishing grounds in the British Virgin Islands! I highly recommend you take advantage of these gourmet goodies!

Though hard to believe, I was told that during the days of slavery, it was made illegal to feed lobster to Caribbean slaves more than 6 times a week! Lobsters & conch were once so abundant that it was the cheapest and most easily located food source in the islands! I wish that were true today, I would be in heaven!

Anegada Reef Hotel spacer Anegada Reef Beach Bar
Anegada Reef Hotel, BVI
Chillin' at Reef Bar

Anegada Reef Hotel, Bar & Restaurant is a British Virgin Islands landmark and well known by thousands of bareboat sailors. Lowell Wheatley, a local lobster fisherman and wonderful man with a charming nature, bought this abandoned property in 1976 and set about renovating the 20 room hotel which had fallen into a sorry state. After many years of struggling to make ends meet, Lowell and his first wife Vivian, turned this once dilapidated BVI hotel into a flourishing business concern.

Scaling Fish Anegada Reef Restaurant spacer Sue's Gift Shop & Provisioning
Scaling Fish for the Restaurant
Sue's Gift Shop & Provisioning

Sadly, Lowell died as the result of a tragic explosion in July, 2002, while making a new BBQ for his restaurant. His BBQ lobster dinners were legend in the BVI and he took great pride in cooking them himself. Sue Wheatley, Lowell's second wife, continues to operate her restaurant & bar while his daughter Lorraine and son Lawrence Wheatley run the hotel. Sue has brought in several new innovations to their business such as a small provisioning store, gift shop and Internet access for visiting sailors!

View from Anegada Reef Hotel spacer Potter's By The Sea
View of Anchorage
Potter's By The Sea

There are several new places popping up on this 10 mile long Island as well. Potter's By The Sea is just one of them! You will want to hire a car or taxi to tour this little slice of heaven and visit all the beaches!

Neptune's Treasure Hotel & Restaurant spacer Neptune's Treasure Hotel
Neptune's Treasure Restaurant
Hotel & Guest House

Vernon Soares and wife Julie, settled in Anegada in 1967 and began to build Neptune's Treasure Hotel and Restaurant. Today, the Soares' family (which includes Vernon's children Mark, Dean, Sheila & Linda as well as several grandchildren) are firmly entrenched in the island and are the largest fresh seafood suppliers in the British Virgin Islands.

Soare's Family Fishing Boat spacer Aerial View of West End
Soares' Fishing Boat
Aerial View of West End

There are places to stay other than at Setting or Pomato Point. For a really lovely and remote location ... try the Seaside Villas on Ruffling Point in West End.

Whistling Pines
Whistling Pine Trees Adorn Coastal Areas of Anegada's south shore

A wonderfully picturesque place to dine out is at Lobster Trap Restaurant. This is a really lovely spot with great food and something a little different for visiting sailors to investigate!

Lobster Trap Bar & Restaurant - Anegada
Lobster Trap Bar & Restaurant

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